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My 100th Lifer

Hurrying through the busy roads on the way to UP were me and my driver. I was late for the Guided Trip which started an hour before I arrived. I missed some good birds like the Coppersmith Barbet and the White-collared Kingfisher. I have seen both before, but seeing them again would be nice. My goal actually for today was to reach my 100th lifer, being at 98 I was determined to see 2 new birds today.

I missed this so much, being with the WBCP. It’s more fun, even happier when they’re around, and most of all, easier to see birds. We started off, or at least I started off, at the side of the road, since they were already there when I caught up with them, but the original meeting place was near the UP Main Library.

We saw a lot of Brown Shrikes, and Philippine Pygmy Woodpeckers on the trees at the side of the road, while on the road were hundreds of joggers completely unaware of their presence. When you look up, you could see Lowland White-eyes and Golden-bellied Flyeaters high-up on the tree tops. We were unprepared for the next surprise, a raptor that is somewhat white in plumage. It came and went in a matter of seconds.

We entered a slightly forested area, the UP Lagoon. The place was crawling, well… flying, with Brown Shrikes and Yellow-vented Bulbuls. Some birders finally spotted my 99th lifer. They showed me the bird, and it kept flying around but in the same area, so we were still able to follow it. It was an immature Brush Cuckoo eating a very hairy caterpillar we Filipinos call “Higad”.

It flew away, but luckily everyone in the group, including the participants to the Guided Trip, saw it. We then continued out the Lagoon, but not without seeing two cute Zebra Doves on the path. It was almost time to go, but we still had one stop left. Ate Maia (WBCP mamber) told me that it was a sure sighting of my 100th lifer in that area.

Sure enough, it was. Immediately when we got there, the others were already pointing at a Mango Tree. It took me a while, but I finally saw it. A Philippine Nightjar roosting on a branch at plain view. We woke it up from its sleep, but it soon went back to sleep when it figured that we weren’t a threat.

Philippine Nightjar <Photo by Jun Osano>
100th Lifer!!!

I was so thrilled to see my 100th lifer, but sad that I had to go home already. I looked at my fellow WBCP members, and well… I will miss them. It has been a while since I saw them, but now that I was birding with them again I had so much fun. It’s true that birding is more fun with more people, especially with people who are more experienced than you are because you learn from them, and it’s fun to be able to share stories with each other. I just hope there will be a next WBCP activity very soon.


A Pok-Pok Lifer

It was a warm Monday afternoon when we decided to bird in UP Diliman with my relatives. They brought with them some friends that also came to the Guided Trip yesterday in LPPCHEA. I asked Tristan (Cousin) what they have already found, and he said they have found a White-breasted Wood Swallow, and a White-collared Kingfisher. I wasn’t too disappointed that I missed them because I have already seen many of those.

My dad showed up with our huge telescope which we are improvising ’til my dad gets a real spotting scope. Tito Jerome and Tristan found it hilarious and so did I. It was actually very difficult to use because it was like five times (or so) stronger than an actual spotting scope, so when you try to look at a branch, all you see is tree bark -_-.

My dad was a bit disappointed because they weren’t many birds there. We tried to reassure him that there are many birds t, but its still too early. It was in fact early since it was just 3:30.

We went to a more elevated part of the area, where we found a lot of Long-tailed Shrikes and White-breasted Wood Swallows just perching on small trees or on the wires. We called Kuya Jops and Ate Maia to join us in UP and they said they would meet us in front of the MSI building.

There in front of the MSI building, we heard the call that has been taunting us back when we were still very new to birding, but are now common to us. We still tried to find it though, for the sake of the friends of my Tito, sadly we weren’t able to. A Philippine Pygmy Woodpecker called on a tree, but while we were trying to find it, Kuya Jops and Ate Maia came, so we decided to go say Hi first.

There were still the usual Yellow-vented Bulbuls, Pied Fantails, and Lowland White-eyes everywhere as we decided to walk the short distance  another building. In front of that building were two overlapping trees where the Philippine Nightjars are known to roost during the day.

We spent a long time there, sadly, not a single Nightjar was found. The walk there was not  a total waste though because we saw a Coppersmith Barbet calling on an exposed branch. The call gives it its local Philippine name, Pok-Pok. Kuya Jops and Ate Maia said it was the most beautiful Coppersmith Barbet they have ever seen, and I have been there to see it.

Coppersmith Barbet <Photo by King Pandi>
Lifer no. 68

We went back to the MSI building ready to leave when Ate Maia saw something which turned out to be a false alarm. We were then ready to leave, again, but then Tristan saw something. It was a Philippine Nightjar, as Kuya Jops said, sadly it flew away before I could have gotten a good look at it, so I can’t count it as a lifer :(.

Bird List

  1. Long-tailed Shrike
  2. White-breasted Wood Swallow
  3. Yellow-vented Bulbul
  4. Pied Fantail
  5. Lowland White-eye
  6. Coppersmith Barbet
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