Digiscoping 101

The White-breasted Waterhen was  walking in the shallow waters as we observed it at the View Deck in La Mesa Ecopark. Once again Tito Jerome brought his friends along, who seemed very interested in birding. They even asked Tito Jerome the membership fee to join the WBCP. I thinks a new birder is in our midst :).

White-breasted Waterhen

The two Kingfishers , White-collared Kingfisher and Common Kingfisher were in opposite sides of the area. I heard from other members that the White-collared Kingfishers bully the Common Kingfishers, so I guess that is why they stay well away from each other. A little Egret can be found here and there, hunting for some fish or whatever is it they eat. Black-crowned Night Herons flew past the area, and a Zebra Dove was spotted on the grassy areas.

We entered a trail in La Mesa Eopark in hopes that I can help Tristan find the Rufous Paradise Flycatcher. We went over the bridge and Tristan noticed some birds on a hidden plant. They were Common Emerald Doves. Tristan saw one, then I saw another, then we ended up seeing 3 or 4 on just one plant.

We exited the trail, seeing nothing but the common birds, Yellow-vented Bulbuls and Pied Fantails. We were a bit disappointed that we didn’t see the Rufous Paradise Flycatcher, more specifically because Tristan didn’t see it since I already saw some last week. No time to complain since it was already time for the Digisoping workshop that we were attending with the other WBCP members.

The WBCP members sitting down to listen to the Digiscoping workshop <Photo by Cristina Cinco>

The workshop took hours, but it was very interesting because the pictures were so clear, yet it was taken from a very far distance. They even showed us some Swarovski products that were amazing, I wanted one, everyone wanted one. I computed the price which was about 2000 euros into pesos. It cost at about 120, 000 pesos. I definitely cannot afford that.

We took a short break to try out the Swarovski scopes. I tried carrying it and it has a fair weight, but I didn’t try taking a picture. Tristan (Cousin) and Tito Jerome returned to the trail, so they didn’t get to try it out. During the short break, we saw some more birds. Common Sandpipers, Little Herons, and Barred Rails stayed in the shallow water below, while Scaly-breasted Munias perhed on the tall grass, and a Black-naped Oriole passed by.

Me and Ate Maia conversing during the break <Photo by Cristina Cinco>

Tristan and Tito Jerome have finally returned from the trail, and they have found a lot of birds, one of which was the Rufous Paradise Flycatcher. It turns out that this bird favors to come out when it is about noon, just like last time.

I didn’t get any lifers today, but obviously Tristan and Tito Jerome got lots. I was happy for them, besides most of their lifers today were the ones I have already spotted. We drove back home, saying goodbye to our WBCP friends that I have made over the time that I’ve been birding. I kept all that I have learnned about Digiscoping today, and locked it all in my mind, because one day I might have enough money to buy a Swarovski scope :).

Bird List

  1. White-breasted Waterhen
  2. Common Kingfisher
  3. White-collared Kingfisher
  4. Little Egret
  5. Black-crowned Night Heron
  6. Zebra Dove
  7. Common Emerald Dove
  8. Yellow-vented Bulbul
  9. Pied Fantail
  10. Common Sandpiper
  11. Little Heron
  12. Scaly-breasted Munia
  13. Barred Rail

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