Missing Cisticolas

Zitting Cisticola Cisticola juncidis

Habitat – Ricefields and wetter grass area

I arrived at my cousin’s house, very excited for the day that awaits me tomorrow. My cousin’s neighborhood has a lot of birds that I am really excited to see, especially the Zitting Cisticolas because I have never seen one. His Dad also said there were Hooded Pittas, but very uncommon. I just really wished for the Zitting Cisticola to show up tomorrow. I’m also excited for the guided trip held tomorrow in LPPCHEA.

I spent the night practicing my photography on little critters in my cousin’s house, which I rarely see in my city home.

Preying Mantis

Preying MantisBaby FrogBaby FrogMothMothCommon LizardCommon Lizard

The next day we immediately went outside, early in the morning. We saw some Yellow-vented Bulbuls flying around and heard Golden-bellied Flyeaters in the trees. Flocks of Black-crowned Night Herons flew the skies. It rained a bit so we had to go back inside, then went back out. We went directly to the old “Ecopark” in their neighborhood.

In Ecopark, we found Chestnut Munias in the grass, and found some swallows and Glossy Swiftlets flying around, it once again rained and we took shelter in our store. We sat in the front and found more swallows.

As we went back to the house, we checked if the Zitting Cisticolas were outside the window, sadly there weren’t. I spent nearly all the morning, attentive of it’s call. If it does call, I go up to the window and check if I can see it, every attempt a failure. The terrace then showed a single Zebra Dove on a roof of another buiding.

I have not spotted any Zitting Cisticolas but I am still determined to, next time I sleep-over here, I will do my best to spot one.


  1. Yellow-vented Bulbul
  2. Black-crowned Night Heron
  3. Chestnut Munia
  4. Glossy Swiftlet
  5. Swallows sp.
  6. Zebra Dove

One response to this post.

  1. Posted by cristina on July 30, 2012 at 8:07 am

    Great writing Charles! I wish that most of the young people would be like you- seeing the world with open eyes and having a feeling of compassion for the environment. Having this right attitude gives hope to adults like me that there is indeed a better future for everyone. Keep up the good job and looking forward to birding with you in the coming days.

    🙂 tinggay


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